I work, can I leave my dog with you while I’m at work?

All pets must be picked up immediately after grooming and/or agreed pick up time (usually 1 or 2 hrs). There are many bay area groomers to chose from who will hold your pet for you for a number of hours free of charge which is a plus having cages. Cage free grooming is a minority and not for everyone.

My dog is matted and I don’t want him shaved?

You have options. You can get multiple opinions from different groomers. It can be painful and some groomers will not put your pet through pain regardless of cost while others will charge regardless of how much your dog screams but will never tell to keep your business. Go with your gut about the situation and remember its hair.

My dog is not used to being groomed, is this a problem?

Not at all as long as your dog doesn’t show aggression, grooming can become a part of their life. Groomers only see dogs every few weeks or months which isn’t enough to make an impact until several months or years later. The most important conditioning is done at home two times a week with combing legs, ears, near eyes, feet handling, etc. It’s never too late to start. Make it rewarding and pleasant so when you see the groomer its enjoyable for everyone and not an experience that is filled with fear and stress. A dog who gets conditioned weekly is an expert by the time it sees the groomer including puppies. It’s night and day when a dog gets weekly home grooming versus one that doesn’t.

What age requirement is needed to get my dog groomed?

Talk to your veterinarian about the appropriate schedule for your pet, some vets ask to wait until all shots are completed others say after the second set. Your vet knows what is good for your pet whether holistic or traditional. Think in these terms:

First vaccination at 6 to 10 weeks of age —25% protection
Second vaccination at 10 to 12 weeks of age–50% protection
Third vaccination at 14 to 16 weeks of age–75% protection
Re-vaccination:–100% protection

Whatever they recommend, definitely start home grooming conditioning two times a week at home regardless of age. This means more than visiting a groomer once before its 6 months old.