How to get your dog’s nails short?

How to get your dog’s nail short? A frequent question and the only option is frequency and repetition. The quick should recede with this regimen.

High active dog on concrete daily or trimming nails every 1 to 3 weeks, no skipping weeks. For us and our dog, we trim once a week with a dremel. You can use the pet dremel on the infomercials which are available at Walgreens or Bed Bath Beyond. It’s beginner friendly and I too have one but I find it doesn’t have enough power for 8 hrs of work and about 8 dogs a day on AA batteries.

If you are brave enough to use nail trimmers then a helpful hint is to shine a flashlight into the quick to illuminate the nerve so you don’t cut it. You might need a third person for this. Even after trimming they may sharper than before which is another need for a dremel to smooth out the edges.

If you happen to make the nail bleed, you can get styptic powder at any pet store, apply a pinch and hold for 10 seconds against the bleeding quick. Repeat if necessary and if all else fails then use household flour in the same manner.

For those who don’t want to bother, take it to your nearest groomer and they can do this for you. Not all groomers file nails after trimming so be sure to ask.