My dog is hot, what should I do?

This happens very often every summer, dogs come in for their summer shaves.   Some clients give feed back that their dog acted so happy like a puppy and others tell stories of how they hid under the bed for a week.  I also noticed that your pet will react to how you treat them after they are shaved, if you hate it they can sense it but know that it will all come back in a matter of weeks.  Stay positive.

In my best opinion, I feel it is something that is you may want to research or think about if you aren’t totally sure.  I once was told by a vet in Dallas that the hair will protect them from the sun and rays, keeping them cool where Texas summers hit 100 degrees plus until September.  His words were,” A bald guy on the golf course will get hotter faster than the guy with a head full of hair so they need their fur for protection”. It made total sense and I never forgot it.  Keep in mind dogs cool off by panting and sweating through their foot pads which sometimes is pressed against hot pavement.  Cooling off also includes a belly against the dirt, grass or cold floor.

Even the longest-coated dog can be comfortable in hot climates. The hair on a well-groomed dog will actually keep him cool – because it acts as insulation against the heat. As long as the pet is healthy, even  heavy-coated breeds can be comfortable all summer because after the undercoat has been shed, the outer coat provides insulation from the heat and protection from the sun.

The best thing to do is keep the undercoat brushed out, don’t let it cake up.  Matted coats  will trap heat and moisture, causing redness, irritation and odors. Always provide shade and fresh water.

If you have done everything or have a short haired dog and your dog is STILL hot almost all year you may want to consider buying a cooling vest.  Frenchies are at high risk of heat stroke so this was a must for us.  I have tried a few options but this is the best vest without the  polymer crystals that add weight to the spine. The vest  is simple to use, put it under running water and thats it and it keeps your pet dry and cool with vinyl lining.  It covers the vital organs not like bandanna collar that only cool the neck area.  It is made by Cool Vest


For inside the house, a cooling bed can be found at many pets stores and online.

Be safe this summer!