I know its matted but I don’t want it shaved….

I recently had this happen with a terminally ill standard poodle.  The owner was firm that shaving was not an option but to put the poor sick dog through hell was something I didn’t know how to address?

I will not torture dogs for vanity regardless of money.  Dematting can be safely done within reason.  This poor dog was in bad shape with foxtails embedded in mats, nails that looked like cashews, ear lobes covered in wax and so on.  This pet was in the same condition on its last visit except it got shaved.

Example of matted hair at roots which can cause fungus, skin sores, hide pests, among other problems.  (pet used as an example only)

Dogs need a voice and when they need help its our duty to speak up.  I knew I couldn’t do this job in its entirely without inflicting more pain onto the dog plus go against my ethics.  I also make it known in my price sheet that I will only do a maximum demat of 1 hour, this dog needed 3 or more.  After3 baths and trimming the hair out of the eyes I decided to do what was good for the pet and let the owner continue the work at home to achieve the results they are looking for and to bring back those results after they were achieved.

There are many tips to getting the look that you are trying to achieve with your pet so that you don’t run into these same scenarios.

Fine tooth comb, nose to tail, every other day.   If you are using a brush of any kind without a comb, there is a huge percentage that mats  at the roots and will limit the outcome at the groomers.


Groomers are like hairstylists, if you don’t comb your hair in the morning for months and go to your barber/stylist and want a fancy hairstyle.  They might not get you the exact look but will get you started into the direction that you are trying to achieve.