Important for Puppy owners

Socializing your puppy is a must, it will get your dog ready for new experiences.  I have seen very good dogs have lots of problems when they are not socialized some eventually ending up in shelters due to the owner’s neglect during the first important part of their lives.  They don’t do well to new experiences, being alone, attacking house guests or family members,  among an lacking of confidence which is needed to have a healthy life.

In the old days, dogs that were kept away from socializing were done in order to be untrustworthy to strangers and to protect their new owner.  A very social dog can also be protective when they since fear or danger without neglecting socialization in their life.

Socialization will help:

  • How your puppy should play
  • Recognize when your puppy is being frightened, overwhelmed or being inappropriate
  • Learn about important puppy development stages
  • Learn basic behaviors that your puppy should know to be a welcomed member of any social event