Bath Robes for Dogs??

I would like to say my first impression was shock that something like this was neccessary and that someone would even buy this.  Well as a gift from our friend Katie, she sent one in the mail for Beetle.  After using it,   I could not have been more pleased about how fast he dried.   The robe soaked most the water and in 10 minutes he was dry. He wasn’t shivering  running  all over the house dragging himself on the rugs to dry himself off.  He doesn’t like to wear the robe however when he runs along the floor, he is rubbing water into the robe instead of the rugs.  I definitely would recommend them out of practicality.  The Microfiber ones soak more water.  I found a good selection on Ebay.

bathrobe modeled by Beetle

bathrobe modeled by Tough GuyTough Guy as model