Shampoos & Conditioners

There are so many types of dog shampoos out there,its hard to keep track.  Can people shampoos be used on dogs?

I have read that we have a different ph level than dogs but I don’t have hard facts to prove.  The only thing I have is my own experiences of clients coming in and explaining skin reactions to human shampoos.  For this, I don’t use them on Beetle or clients.

I tend to make my choices by scent, ingredients, and results.  If the label has a huge paragraph of ingredients with words I can’t pronounce or understand,  I usually shy away from the product.  I also take notice where its manufactured.  With all the scares of oversea facilities going the cheaper route instead of safety, I tend to go with products made in the USA.  England and Germany also have an excellent reputation  being involved with grooming supplies.   Be sure to read  the label,  leave on recommended time, age requirements, etc. This is especially important for vet recommended shampoos,  follow the instructions to get optimum results.

So far I really like these brands. —I use these in the salon, they are scented nicely and a quarter size of shampoo goes a long way.  Made in California –also used in the salon, they also make soap bars which go a long way on  short coated breeds (found at some stores including Pet Food Express).  I have only bought two bars in 12 months for bathing Beetle every 10- 14 days.   Made in San Francisco, CA

Wags shampoo & conditioner

wagsshampoo1Found at Petsmart or other boutiques,  excellent smell and benefits. Unfortunately this is the only size bottle available. Made in USA


They are optional and can help with dry or easily tangled coats.  If your dog gets bathed often then conditoner would be helpful to replenish the moisture.  Beet gets a bath with conditioner every two weeks otherwise he itches himself into a dandruff mess.   I usually do not use conditioner on oily coats.