Ear Cleaner

I have used so many products over the years but not with the success of Oxyfresh ear cleaner found on Ebay, online, or dog shows.

I bought a bottle at the San Ramon dog show in the summer and it has helped so much liquefying wax and making it easy to shake out and wiping.    My old co-worker had a chihuahua who made an vet appointment when I let her try it just to hold her over until the next day,  her dog soon stopped pawing at her ear and head.  It has no burning alcohol,  its soothing and deodorizing.  Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner gently loosens dirt and  has unique Oxygen bacteria-neutralizing solution for maximum odor control and cleansing capability without the addition of harsh ingredients.
Granted if you think there is any open wounds or ruptured ear drum  do not use.  

Recommended Use: Put 10-15 drops into each ear. Massage the ears at the base. Let your pet shake their head somewhere outside or in bathtub then wipe any remaining debris from the of the ear. May be repeated until no more debris is found. For routine cleaning. Use as needed.