Clipper Alopecia

I worked on a dog two days ago who had clipper alopecia.  A border collie mix who got shaved  by their old groomer for the heat and now the hair isn’t growing back.  The owner was shocked that the no one told her about the possibility of it not growing back nor the fact that it had exposed her dog to more heat being bald with no protection from the sun.  Now her dog’s black hair is growing back grey and in patches.


This does happen when a dog with a double coat gets shaved such as pomeranians, huskies, border collies, australian shepards, chows, among other breeds or mixes that have top and undercoats .   It may never grow back the same in texture, thickness,  in patches and peach fuzz like.  I plan to get some before and after pictures and for now I will post a helpful link to explain more in detail.

Here is a Pomeranian that gets shaved constantly.  The top coat is no longer growing just patches of the undercoat. Original black color is changing to a brown color.

Below: Chow mix after being shaved for years

6 thoughts on “Clipper Alopecia

  1. Thanks for this!! I am truly against clipping into the undercoat of double coated dogs. We stand firm in our shop that it is important not to mess with the dogs internal thermostat! Guard hair does not shed the way the undercoat does. So when clipped, it takes forever, to come back. Sometimes it never does! Then owners are left with the messy, fuzzy undercoat. What a mess. We have had several other dogs come to us form other shops missing hair, and in turn have developed other skin issues. Why do groomers do this? I have a hard time explaining this to border collie, shepherd, retriever etc. owners whose dogs are ‘HOT’. I know some of them go elsewhere after refusing to do clip their pet. Any info i can get backing up my belief is always a blessing!

  2. Thank you so much for this information. I guess I have been lucky with Trix, my Bordie Collie mix, whom I adopted 8 years ago. I have had her shaved the past 12 years with no problems. This year was different though. She now looks the pictures above. I will not have her shaved again if her hair ever does grow out. I was not aware nor told that this could happen. I will be passing this information on to my vet whom apparently has not heard of this condition.

  3. I cannot say for sure, it varies by dog. Many Border Collies get shaved and grow back just fine. The main thing is to be informed and go from there.

  4. I didn’t know any of this or I would have never had my 11 year old border collie shaved. Actually she went in to be groomed, and she was matted so bad they just shaved her without asking!!! She is old and will not let me brush her anymore!!! Is there anything we can put on her hind quarters to help the hair grow back? Around her face is fine, but down her back is also very thin, any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks

  5. When we first started taking our Pomeranian to Vanessa he was suffering from clipper alopecia. Vanessa worked with us on fixing his coat and gave us instructions to follow at home. After only a couple months he was back to normal. It was amazing and a testament to what a great job Vanessa does.

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