What’s the cost and how long does it take?

Cost is $85 an hour. Keep in mind that running late for drop off or pick up may effect your cost which is a downside to cage free grooming.  Small non matted dogs usually take 1-1 1/2 hrs. Thick or medium/large dogs take up to 1 1/2-2 hrs.  All determined in person during the appointment.   I block off time for your pet only. I bathe, blow dry and do trims. No assembly line grooming where multiple people handle your pet and or double booking. I handle it all which is how I prefer so nothing is lost in translation.

I’m a bit weary about my dog being groomed, can I stay and watch?

Due to insurance purposes, only staff members are allowed in designated work areas behind the desk.   Most major grooming chains offer grooming where you can watch outside the glass window. To insure your pet has a safe groom at that type of establishment, watch WITHOUT being seen or HEARD by your pet. This will ensure that your pet gets a safe groom and isn’t getting excited thinking its going home wiggling while the groomer is trying to put sharp scissors near sensitive areas or eyes.

Do you work weekends?

No. The venue I contract out of is closed on weekends.  There are a variety of dog salons that are available weekends, always call them in advance.