How does an appointment work? Can I be late?

I only offer private grooming sessions, cage free. After making an appointment, on time arrival and pick up is needed just like at a barber or hairstylist. If you are late dropping off, please call to prevent an unnecessary trip here. There is a high possibility that we will have to reschedule the appointment which is a downside of not using cages to store pets.  If we have to reschedule or you missed your appointment, a $40 missed appointment fee per dog will be added to your next visit only if you decide to reschedule.  Repeat tardies will be addressed.

Are there other dogs around in the salon

Yes, I rent a space in a salon with two other groomers.  They both have a steady clientele and conduct business as I do.  We share the same space, while they are working on a pet on their grooming table, I am doing the same.  We never let the dogs meet or get at arms reach of each other for their safety. 


Piedmont Ave is a shopping district with parking meters and neighborhood parking. It’s strictly enforced in the area and can be a challenge to find. You will need 15-20 mins to find parking then again to return if you decide to leave the area.

What is cage free grooming?

Cage free grooming is a service that provides grooming for a pet without the use of cages like traditional groom shops where your pet is stored in a crate/cage for several hours waiting for their chance to get groomed or to be sent home.  The downfall to cage free is on time delivery/pick up is needed for this unique type of grooming.

What’s the appointment cancellation/rescheduling policy?

2 hour minimum is need to cancel the appointment to give time replace it with someone in waiting to avoid loss of income. If less than 2 hours are given, $40 per pet will be added to the next visit if you decide to reschedule. Emergencies and hardships happen which explains why I avoided the usual 24 hrs notice recommended in the grooming industry.